HRFC Newsletter May 2018

HRFC Newsletter May 2, 2018

The Ford Family Orchard

Across Central Road and towards Ford Cove is a provincial park which contains the Ford Family Orchard. Since the park was created, no work has been done that orchard. In recent times, Heron Rocks has taken on a project to rehabilitate that orchard. A committee has been set up to

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HRFC Newsletter May 2017

HRNewsletter May 6, 2017

Hilary Brown Memorial Bursary

Some years ago, the HRFCS Board established the Hilary Brown Memorial Bursary. As members well know, Hilary Brown lived on Hornby for about 70 years until her death in 2007 at the age of 98. She founded our organization and, in addition, was a leader in starting a number of

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Constitution and Bylaws Changes

Many members may not be aware that British Columbia has a new Societies Act. With the new Act, there comes some obligatory changes. Our Constitution as originally written includes the purposes of the Society and goes on to describe the means for achieving those purposes. Under the new Act, the

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HRFC Newsletter May 2016

HRNewsletter May 1, 2016

Heron Rocks Participation in the Pollination Survey

Submitted by Phyllis Victory In August the orchards at Heron Rocks were included in an Island-wide Pollination Survey Project that was commissioned by The Natural History Society of Hornby Island. This program was/is supported by Environment Canada (the Habitat Stewardship Program), The BC Ministry of the Environment and the BC Conservationist

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Annual Plant Sale and Berry Tea

For about 30 years our Plant Sale and Berry Tea has been a May long weekend fixture on Hornby Island. In 2017, the event will take place between 11 am and 3 pm on Sunday, May 21st. But planning for it began many weeks before. Initial work begins mid-winter with reminders

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Seedy Saturday

Another annual event is Seedy Saturday which this year took place on March 4th at the Co-op Ringside. This event brings together home gardeners, seed savers and heirloom variety growers in a celebration and sharing of open-pollinated seeds and gardening know-how. Bring seeds, take seeds. As usual, Comox Valley Regional

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Pruning Workshop with Renee Poisson

It has become a tradition each winter to have a pruning workshop led by Renee Poisson. This year it was on March 19th. For Heron Rocks Friendship Centre members, the workshop is free and for others the cost is only $15. Over the years, our pruning has done much to

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