About Heron Rocks

Heron Rocks is located on the southwest shore of Hornby Island. Heron Rocks Friendship Centre Society members are stewards of the nine acre land conservancy, the gift of Hilary Brown. Members work together to care for the buildings ad property including the heritage orchard, network of trails and Hilary’s Peace Garden.

Hilary Brown resided for 70 years at Heron Rocks – from 1937 when she and Harrison (“HB”) moved there until her death at 98 in 2007. Heron Rocks Friendship Centre Society came into existence through the generosity of HB and Hilary. After HB’s death, Hilary deeded the land to the Society to protect it and to promote programs reflecting her interest in community and global issues.

Through its programs the Society addresses concerns which are pertinent to the communities of both Denman and Hornby Islands. Members are active throughout the year in many areas. We arrange speakers for the Literary Lunches, have “Under the Maple” presentations during the summer and during the winter hold special events such as the January “Wassailing Party”. Public events and gatherings bring together people to exchange ideas. We endeavour to promote local and global understanding as well as an appreciation for and the protection of the environment. Our semi-annual newsletters keep members informed of activities.

Hilary Brown Youth Fund

Through the Hilary Brown Youth Fund we foster youth activities that reflect our aims. We sponsor youth who wish to participate in leadership workshops or camps, environmental activities and cross-cultural experiences.

Facilities Improvement

In the 10 years since Hilary left us, we have made many changes to the property, all of the changes in keeping with her wishes. Here is a list of those changes with, where we can remember, the approximate cost:

  • 2008 Improvements to Hilary’s suite (housing unit #1) in preparation for renting. Improvements included counters and new fridge and stove in the kitchen and a new propane heater and flooring in the living room.
  • 2010 Expansion and improvement to the Annex ($32,000)
  • 2012 Repairs and improvement to storage shed and woodshed ($2,000)
  • 2013 Purchase, in partnership with Camping Co-op, of ride-on mower ($1500, our share)
  • 2014 New torch-on roof for housing unit #2 ($15,000)v
  • 2014 New septic system ($21,000)v
  • 2015 Repaint inside of housing unit #2 ($2,000)
  • 2015 New cook stove for housing unit #2
  • 2015 New composting toilet ($3,000)
  • 2016 New washing machine for joint use of teneants.
  • Much of the above was funded from current revenue but it has also been necessary to use our cash reserves from donations prior to Hilary’s death and from the bequest in Hilary’s will. Beginning in 2015, the Board has a policy of putting $2,500 from current revenue into a Building Fund. We of course would be happy to accept donations from our membership to this Fund. Heron Rocks Friendship Centre is a registered charity and can therefore issue tax receipts f classor donations.

    Mission Statement

    Heron Rocks Friendship Centre, a non-profit Society based on Hornby Island, is committed to care for the Heron Rocks Friendship Centre property; and to provide leadership and example on contemporary issues which encourage people to live in peace, harmony and sustainability with each other and the environment.

    To the end, we offer local programming, a newsletter for our membership and financial incentives for youth to participate in programs which reflect our values. We liase, educate and advocate on matters of social justice, culture and the environment.

      Core Values

    • We value the ecology and environment of Heron Rocks and are committed to preserve and protect this special property.
    • We value our neighbour the Heron Rocks Camping Co-operative Association with whom we share the common goal of appreciating and protecting this special piece of land.
    • We value the community of Hornby and Denman Islands and surrounds and we wish to contribute ideas and activities.
    • We value young people of today and support them for the difficult tasks that await them.
    • We value the concept of living in sustainable balance with the earth and promote all thought and action leading toward this process.
    • We value social justice and global harmony and we promote study in the fields of communication, conflict resolution and cross cultural understanding.
    • We value music, the arts and literature and we seek to assist the expression of pursuits in these fields.
    • We value the teaching and learning of horticultural activities.

    2016-17 Board of Directors:

    • Vicki Bale- Chair
    • Margot Bushnell-Treasurer
    • Rudy Rogalsky – Secretary
    • Jazzmyre Corrigan
    • Gemma Colin
    • Ellen Leslie
    • Ross Muirhead
    • Margaret Pethick
    • Muggs Sigurgierson