Hilary Brown Memorial Bursary

Some years ago, the HRFCS Board established the Hilary Brown Memorial Bursary. As members well know, Hilary Brown lived on Hornby for about 70 years until her death in 2007 at the age of 98. She founded our organization and, in addition, was a leader in starting a number of institutions such as the Co-op, Elder Housing and a credit union. She was also the first Chair of the Islands Trust. But throughout her life she was particularly interested that Heron Rocks Friendship Centre should support the education of youth in the Hornby Island community to become contributing members of society.

One or more of these bursaries valued at $500 is awarded annually to graduating students of Vanier Secondary School in Courtenay who have had a significant attachment to the Hornby Island School and community and who are pursuing a program of post-secondary education. The Bursary is administered by staff at the secondary school but decisions about recipients are made by a Board Committee.

As this is being written, that committee is considering excellent applications from four 2017 graduating students. At the request of Vanier’s Awards staff, we do not disclose the names of current winners until the school’s awards presentation early in June.

A year ago, in 2016, we received excellent applications from (pictured left to right) Jody Candlish-Rutherford, Sandor Rae and Nigel Fletcher. Our Bursary Committee recommended and the Board agreed that the award should go to each of the applicants.

All three winners have deferred starting their post-secondary studies until September 2017. Both Jody and Nigel have been accepted into University of Victoria where they will pursue social sciences and environmental studies. Sandor will be pursuing a business degree at Vancouver Island University.

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