Heron Rocks Participation in the Pollination Survey

Submitted by Phyllis Victory

In August the orchards at Heron Rocks were included in an Island-wide Pollination Survey Project that was commissioned by The Natural History Society of Hornby Island. This program was/is supported by Environment Canada (the Habitat Stewardship Program), The BC Ministry of the Environment and the BC Conservationist Program. A young biologist, by the name of Bonnie Zand, visited the orchards between August 26th and September 5th; collecting the many insects that live there who are pollinating the flowers and the blossoms of the fruit trees.

The day she visited, this Barred Owl was resting on a lower branch of the Melba apple tree in the middle orchard.

On January 27th, Bonnie gave two presentations to the children at the Hornby Island Elementary School, which included specimens of the insects she found in the Upper Orchard. She stressed the importance of identifying and preserving our local bees and insects as a way to insure pollination.

A copy of Bonnie’s report has now been submitted to the board of directors of Heron Rocks and is included here for your interest.

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